• Gentle Sleep Coaching Strategies

These strategies help babies learn sleep skills and improve both bedtime and night sleep.  Read more: Gentle Sleep Strategies Trading Down Trading down is a Cue-based methods where parents support their baby to sleep and gradually reduce the interaction however the baby is always responded to. It can take 1-3 weeks to see improvement.  Read… Read more »

• No-Cry Sleep Strategies

These no-cry strategies aim to help babies learn to fall asleep without parental assistance so that they can easily fall back to sleep in the night. The no cry sleep strategies can help some families get better sleep, especially if you have a child with an easy temperament.  Read more: No-Cry Sleep Strategy Wake and Sleep This… Read more »

• Reducing Night Feeds

Based on the idea that reducing feeds will also reduce night wakings. Many babies wake up because they need to eat in the night, it may be possible to shift some of their calorie intake to the daytime which can improve night sleep. Keep in mind that if your baby is used to eating in… Read more »