• Gentle Sleep Coaching Strategies

These strategies help babies learn sleep skills and improve both bedtime and night sleep.  Read more: Gentle Sleep Strategies

Trading Down

Trading down is a Cue-based methods where parents support their baby to sleep and gradually reduce the interaction however the baby is always responded to. It can take 1-3 weeks to see improvement.  Read more: Gentle Sleep Strategies


Kinder Method

Based in behavioral fading, this method starts with offering constant consistent support and gradually weaning off the support to facilitate baby learning to sleep independently. With this method improvements are normally seen in 3-5 days.  Read more: Gentle Sleep Strategies

Kinder Method – Light

A gentler version of the kinder method that allows parents to offer more support initially and fade support in a more gradual process. Improvements are normally seen in 3-7 days.  Read more: Gentle Sleep Strategies


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