• Reducing Night Feeds

Based on the idea that reducing feeds will also reduce night wakings.

Many babies wake up because they need to eat in the night, it may be possible to shift some of their calorie intake to the daytime which can improve night sleep. Keep in mind that if your baby is used to eating in the night, it doesn’t matter if she has an actual hunger of if it is just a habit, it will still feel like hunger. It is possible to very gently shift feeds, which may in turn give a longer stretch of sleep. Read more: Feed Reduction Techniques


Dreamfeeds allow you to feed your baby proactively before she wakes up. It does not teach sleep skills but can be a gentle way to break the cycle of baby crying to be fed. Dreamfeeds can also help you get a longer stretch of sleep if you feed your baby before you go to bed. Offering dreamfeeds can make weaning off of night feeds a gentle process as well.  Read more: Feed Reduction Techniques

Core Night Stretching

The Core Night Stretching can help you get a longer stretch of sleep without letting your baby cry. The method can be a bit of work in the night but usually within 2 weeks parents will see a consistent longer stretch of sleep in the middle of the night. Read more: Feed Reduction Techniques

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