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What Is A Dreamfeed? (Old)

Since many babies do wake up because they need to eat in the night, it may be possible to shift some of their calorie intake to the daytime which can improve night sleep. Keep in mind that if your baby is used to eating in the night, it doesn’t matter if she has an actual… Read more »

Sleep Shaping Tips (Old)

Start you sleep coaching at bedtime.  When making changes to sleep it is vital to start at bedtime, from there you can continue to coach through the night or you can just focus on bedtime for a few weeks to see if the rest of the night improves on it’s own. An alternative is to… Read more »

Mastering Sleep Basics (Old)

Start to establish a regular and consistent routine (which we discussed in week 6) for your baby prior to going to bed. This will help set the stage that the day is coming to an end, and help prepare your baby for a good night of sleep. Simple Routine Pick a few simple steps-really 2… Read more »

Sleep Coaching Help (Old)

As you’ve gathered by now, sleep coaching is nothing more than helping your baby learn to put himself to sleep so that he can successfully nap and (eventually) sleep through the night. A crying baby causes stress for the whole family (especially baby), which is why I prefer a gentler approach. In parenting, we are… Read more »

Should You Nap Coach? (Old)

Naps begin to develop around 3 months of age but this development and ability is not consistent until about 6 months. Using a behavioural strategy to teach as child to fall asleep and stay asleep in this age range usually results in a lot of crying, frustration and stress for both the baby and his… Read more »

How to catch up at the end of the day (Old)

At the end of the day look at your last nap and determine if your baby is not going to make it to bedtime within his typical wakeful window. If not you have a few options: You can try to squeeze in an extra nap. This nap does not need to be long, even a… Read more »

Can a Baby Get Too Much Daytime Sleep? (Old)

It is true the for some babies getting too much day sleep can result in less sleep at night sleep especially if one of the following are true: Naps are so long that baby is not eating regularly in the day or not getting enough calories Baby is not getting enough stimulation, light, activity or… Read more »

What Can You Do About Short Naps? (Old)

Nap lengths can vary greatly in these early months. Babies have sleep cycles between 45 minutes and 60 minutes long and the structure of their sleep is quite different from adults. Babies spend about half their time sleeping in lighter sleep. This means it is easier for them to wake up and they can often… Read more »

How to Do A Nap Trail

Feeding, nursing, or comforting your baby to sleep is perfectly fine and will not create habits that cannot be improved later. If what you are doing is working for your or you can put your baby to sleep and transfer him into the crib you probably don’t need to try this. To do a nap trial:… Read more »

Wait To Start Sleep Shaping (Old)

If your baby isn’t quite ready for sleep coaching, don’t despair. You can try Wake to Sleep, or work on weaning off the swaddle. Additionally, make sure that your baby is getting naps any way you can get them, in fact, it’s best to do what works for nap time at this age. For now, do what… Read more »