Should You Nap Coach? (Old)

Naps begin to develop around 3 months of age but this development and ability is not consistent until about 6 months. Using a behavioural strategy to teach as child to fall asleep and stay asleep in this age range usually results in a lot of crying, frustration and stress for both the baby and his parents.

Why You May Not Want to Nap Coaching Right Now

This inconsistent development means that your baby may be able to fall asleep from an awake state one day but forget how to do it the next. This can create a lot of crying with little to no results.

We would recommend following some gentle nap strategies until your baby is at an age when he is more capable of learning sleep skills in the day.

It will also be easier for him to learn daytime napping skills after he has learned how to fall asleep at bedtime.


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