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As you’ve gathered by now, sleep coaching is nothing more than helping your baby learn to put himself to sleep so that he can successfully nap and (eventually) sleep through the night.

A crying baby causes stress for the whole family (especially baby), which is why I prefer a gentler approach. In parenting, we are the coaches, and our children are our team, per se. Sleep is just one of the many life lessons that we parents need to teach our little ones, and gentle sleep coaching will help your baby learn to fall asleep on their own, with minimal crying.

The gentle sleep coaching process takes both time and patience, but the end result is definitely worth a few short weeks.

Child does not want to sleep.Sleep Coaching Takes Time

In the short term, you may find that you are actually getting less sleep when you begin sleep coaching, but stick with it.

Try to remember that your lack of sleep is very temporary, and soon your entire family will be back to sleeping through the night. Remember, it’s a temporary lack of sleep for a long-term solution.

Be Consistent

Babies thrive on consistency. Stick to your guns when it comes to helping your baby sleep. Remember, most babies learn to put themselves peacefully to sleep in just a few weeks.

From Good Night, Sleep Tight: Intermittent reinforcement does make it harder for your child to learn to self-soothe and sleep.

Expect Some Resistance

You’re teaching your baby a new skill. While some will go along with the process without much protest, others complain a bit more. The great part about gentle sleep coaching is that you are present to provide your child with vocal and physical support if needed.

And, you may find that you need additional support during especially rough nights.


If your baby is fussing, pay attention. He may just be working through the problem. If it’s clear that he’s getting more and more upset, then you can step in and help.

Remember, you are the coach helping your little one learn to sleep. It’s not something that you can do for him, but you can provide support and encouragement.

Expect Small Setbacks

As we have previously stated, certain parts of sleep coaching, such as naps, may require a bit more patience, and a bit longer to resolve.

Add to this the fact that eventually you’re going to go on vacation, or your baby will experience a sleep regression when they begin to walk, or you’ll have another baby, or a move….

A change in routine can cause your sleep habits to change (or even regress) temporarily, or at least be briefly interrupted, and that’s okay.

It’s in these moments that you’ll want and need support and a community, which is why we’re offering you $20 off of Gentle Sleep Solutions so that you can address any issues that may come up during your baby’s first year (and the next 6 months of sleep).


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