Your Baby Is Rolling (Old)

You may have noticed that your baby has become much more active, and may be getting close to rolling over! Perhaps when he’s lying on his back, you’ll notice him lifting his legs and swinging them to the side, or even arching his back and looking behind him. Or maybe during tummy time, you notice he’s rocking to his side. Or, by now, your baby may already have mastered rolling over!

Rolling over is an important developmental milestone for your baby.

If your baby has just begun to roll over, you may have noticed a few changes. Your baby may be more fussy or clingy. She may seem distracted during feedings and be more interested in what’s going on around her than eating. She may be waking at night more frequently and needing your help getting back to sleep. As your baby grows and reaches these major developmental leaps, you will find that she needs much more of your attention.

Learning how to roll over can be filled with excitement and also some frustration for your little one. Be patient with her. Make sure to give her lots of floor time to practice and refine her new skills. Many parents find themselves tending to middle of the night cries because their baby will have flipped herself onto her tummy during sleep, but is unaware of how to get back.

Tummy time and floor exercises will help your baby become comfortable on her tummy and give her an opportunity to learn how to roll back & forth.

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