Tips For Cosleeping During Naptime (Old)

We keep telling you to sleep when your baby sleeps. This works out well if you are co-sleeping, as your baby sleeps in your bed with you, making it convenient for you both to sleep at the same time.

Infants sleep a great deal, sometimes for as little as thirty minutes at a time. If you are utilizing a family bed for nighttime sleep, then nap time is the perfect time for you to lay down and sleep as well. Some parents find that if they nap with their infant, their baby actually sleeps longer.

Naps are also the perfect time to test the waters and see how your baby handles sleeping without you. Remember, your infant will need help falling asleep, and once she’s drowsy or fully asleep, you can transfer her into a bassinet, cosleeper or even a swing. If she wakes, soothe her, and work toward getting her back to sleep. You can always try again tomorrow.

Mother and her Newborn Baby. Happy Mother and Baby kissing and hIf you cannot nap with your baby, then we suggest putting baby in a crib for naps. A crib is safe and secure, meaning that you can leave your baby alone without fear of them rolling off the bed (this actually happened to more than one family we have helped!), or becoming entangled in sheets or covers (which should not be in a family bed anyway).

Using a crib for naptime does not mean that you have to give up cosleeping at night.

Remember, the whole point of co-sleeping is that everyone gets good quality sleep in an environment that works with your family’s beliefs and values.

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