Signs Your Baby is Ready to Start Solids

Baby Learning To Feed.Your baby is ready to start solids if:

  • She can sit up with a steady head without help
  • She does not push solids out of her mouth with her tongue (tongue thrust reflex)
  • She can swallow
  • She can put things into her mouth
  • She can pick things up using her thumb and finger
  • She seems interested in food (watches you while you eat, reaches for food)
  • She wants to put food in her mouth (turning her head away from the spoon means no!)
Your baby is not necessarily ready to start solids if:
  • She is unsatisfied after a feeding
  • She wants to feed more frequently
  • Increased waking in the night
  • Chewing fists
Feeding Time For BabyThese signs that your baby is not necessarily ready to begin solids alone could also be an indication that she is sick, teething, having a growth spurt or experiencing other development milestones.
Remember, her 4-month birthday is a major development milestone. At this age your baby may show
an increased interest at the dinner table. However, this is not a sign she is ready for solids but more a
desire to participate in activities with her family. There are lots of things you can do to include her in
family dinner time:
  • Let her join you at the table so she can see what’s going on.
  • Put some water, breastmilk or formula in a sippy cup she can play and experiment with.
  • Let her play with spoons, cups and plates that are baby-friendly.
  • Offer her ice chips or slushy breastmilk to play with a spoon.
  • Include her in the dinner conversation.
Most babies are ready to start solid foods around 6 months. Check with your pediatrician or Health
Care Provider for their recommendation.

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