Help! My baby is fussy and irritable! (Old)

By now, you probably have a basic idea of your baby’s wants and needs, likes and dislikes, and basic schedule. However, there are some days when your baby might just be fussier than others for reasons beyond your control. Developmental leaps, a tummy ache, or maybe just an off day may cause your baby to fuss.

This is completely normal! Every baby gets fussy on occasion, some more than others. What works one day, or even one minute, might not work the next.

Each time your baby is fussy, it may be something different that calms him! Don’t worry about spoiling your baby in these early months. You may not be able to calm him down every time, but just being there for him, trying to help him, and showing him that you love him will make all the difference.

When you consistently comfort your baby now, you are laying the foundation for him to become confident and secure. It is also likely he will be less demanding as he grows older.

But before you begin soothing, the first step is to make sure there isn’t something wrong. Check to make sure he doesn’t have any fingers stuck, have a fine hair wrapped around a toe, is hungry, too hot or too cold, or physically uncomfortable in some other way.

If you’ve gone through the basics and your baby is still fussing or crying, calm yourself first (babies cry!), then speak softly to your baby. Give him 100% of your attention and as you get to know your baby you will be able to narrow the list of “fussy solutions” down to his favorites and even add your own techniques that work for the two of you.

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