Feeding Patterns (Old)

By this time you should have gotten into a more predictable feeding routine with your baby. Average feeding times will still hover around 2.5-3 hours during the day for most babies this age. Because of the emergence of that circadian rhythm – you will now begin to experience a longer more consolidated stretch from your baby at night. You may have noticed that your baby may be able to sleep for a 4-6 hour stretch at night without a feeding at this stage.

Remember – they are only going to take that one long extended stretch in a 24 hour period so regular feedings every 2-3 hours during the day will help to ensure this long stretch comes at night. That may means waking your baby at that 3 hour mark during the day if feeding time approaches and they are still not awake from a nap.

There will be a major growth spurt that takes place around that twelve week mark so if you begin to notice feeding patterns shifting around that eleventh or twelfth week – take that as a sign that your baby is growing in leaps and bounds and really does need those additional calories in order to meet their growing needs.

This also means you will see more broken sleep or wakings during this time. This is normal and natural so try not to worry too much. Follow your baby’s feeding cues during this time and go with the flow. Feed them when they are hungry and allow them to increase their feeds as needed.

This pattern will last throughout the day and night for a few days but usually after two or three days, you will find things even out again and their feeding patterns will start to resume in more regular intervals. Your baby will begin to take in more milk at these feedings and you will be rewarded typically by a natural extension in your night time sleep stretch during this time as well.

Again – if you have any concerns or questions regarding feeding intervals, regularity, amounts or challenges at this time, make sure to seek the advice of your lactation consultant or pediatrician or doctor for a proper assessment and professional advice.

Feeding challenges will impact your baby’s ability to sleep well and typically can be easily overcome if dealt with promptly and not allowed to go on for too long.

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