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Keeping A Sleep Log

Keep a sleep and feeding log both before you start sleep coaching and once you are sleep coaching. Chances are your short term memory isn’t quite up to par as a result of sleep deprivation. Your days and nights are going by in a blur. But in order to figure out how to solve your… Read more »

What to Do After Controlled Crying Doesn’t Work

  Hi, I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady. In today’s video blog, I am going to answer Gayle’s question:   “What to do after controlled crying?”   Gayle wrote: “My almost 8-month old has responded reasonably well to a gradual extinction method of sleep training, i.e. controlled crying. We’re on day 40. “She was settling… Read more »

How Much Should My Baby Cry During Coaching?

  Hi, I’m Kim West, the Sleep Lady and in today’s video blog, I’m going to answer Megan’s question: “I purchased your book to use with my 7-month old. Tonight would be night 6 but I’m really struggling. My biggest question is how much to let him cry? He gets upset every night. I’m confused… Read more »

The Truth About Tears

What do you think of when you hear the words “sleep training” or “sleep coaching”? I’m guessing that for a majority of you who haven’t experienced The Shuffle images of screaming, crying children left alone is one of the first things that comes to mind. I hear the same fear of tears from parents who… Read more »

“My Baby Will Not Sleep” Is All About Quantity and Quality Sleep

First, let’s begin by addressing four of the most coveted words in parenting – “sleeping through the night” – a term most parents long to understand, experience, and feel! Throughout our sleep time, we are constantly transitioning and cycling between light and deep sleep (known as REM and non-REM). During these transition periods, we experience… Read more »

Sleep Averages: How Much Sleep Does Your Child Need?

Below are some general guidelines as to how many hours of sleep the AVERAGE child requires at various ages (taken from “Solve Your Child’s Sleep Problems” by Dr. Richard Ferber). Remember, every child is different- some need more or less sleep than others- but variations should not be huge.   Sleep Averages   AGE NIGHTIME… Read more »

The Importance of Sleep

Everyone knows that sleep is important (especially baby sleep). Adults need an average of seven to eight hours of sleep each night, minimum, in order to function normally. That means that when you get adequate sleep, you will be able think clearly, focus, and your mood will be elevated. Recently, there has been some new research… Read more »

Better Sleep Basics

There are countless books and websites dedicated to helping your baby get a better night’s sleep. To parents, that often means a longer night’s sleep! While nighttime feeding remains an important part of your baby’s nutritional input, there are steps you can take to set your baby up for good sleep habits; ones that will… Read more »


Naps Does your 11-week-old fall asleep for naps like a dream, only to wake up after 45 minutes?  This is completely normal for a baby this age.  Nap lengths can vary greatly in these early months. Yes, it would be great if your baby had 1.5 to 2 hour naps, however this is not always… Read more »