Allison Smith

When my oldest daughter was born, I quickly learned how difficult life becomes when your child isn’t sleeping well! My daughter was up every 30 minutes, and my husband and I were losing our minds. After getting past our early struggles with nursing, and then reflux, we were wiped out. At that point, I turned to my background in child development and the study skills I developed in college, and I formulated a plan. I realized that falling asleep on your own is a skill, and I had to TEACH her how to do it! Thankfully, she responded quickly, and she was sleeping through the night and napping well in a matter of weeks! I was so excited to share what I had learned, that I told everyone I knew. This gentle coaching, teaching a child to fall asleep on her own instead of just leaving her to cry, was such a hit with my friends and family, that I quickly had requests from people I had never met! That is how Everyone Sleeps came to be! Once I was working with other families, I decided it was important to have real training and experience, beyond teaching my child to sleep well. So, I entered the Gentle Sleep Coach training program.

When my twins were born, I really got to test my methods. Thankfully, they passed! By teaching my little girls to put themselves to sleep from day one, and making an effort to be consistent, we avoided sleep issues this time around.

I can’t wait to work with you!

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