Sleep Overview

> 4 Month Overview

Sleep needs range from 13.1 to 16 hours of combined daytime and nighttime sleep.Sleeping Baby

Average night sleep: 9.5-10.5 hours (usually with 1-3 feeds)

Average day sleep: 4-5 hours over 3-5 naps

Average wakeful window: 1.5-2 hours after a restorative sleep

Sleep cycles change, making it easier to wake up during sleep stage transitions.

Melatonin secretion rises and non-REM sleep increases so babies start to sleep deeper.



GBS infant sleep averages








More Tips from The Sleep Coaches:

Partial arousals are more distinct and babies can wake as they shift sleep phases.

Naps start to become more organized, especially the morning nap.

Most babies will wake 1-3 times each night for a feeding.

Some babies may be able sleep one longer stretch, often four or more hours at night.