Re-establishing Your Routines after the 4 Month Sleep Regression

I know that you are anxious to get your baby to napping better and sleeping longer stretches at night.

At this age, nit is completely normal for your baby to be waking during the night for feedings. So don’t get discouraged if you find your baby who used to be able to sleep a longer stretch, all of a sudden wake and need a feeding. He is growing rapidly, and just went through a developmental milestone, so he may really NEED to eat.

Once you’ve come out of the 4-month sleep regression/PROgression, you may start to see your baby’s routines re-established, and your sleeping and feeding schedules are back on track with a baby who is able to enjoy his surroundings.

Use the Light

To help encourage regular day/night routines, expose your baby to lots of natural light during the day. Take him for walks, open the windows, or (if it’s warm enough), go have some tummy time on a blanket in the yard. Just 30 minutes in the morning and afternoon will help to re-adjust his internal clock, especially if his sleep has completely turned upside down.