• My baby is fussier than normal and I’m feeling very frustrated.

Many parents find this age to be very challenging because of the 4 Month Sleep regression. You may be getting less sleep and have a fussier baby to care for in the day and you may have expected that your sleep would have improved by this time.

  • You may find this stage challenging and frustrating
  • You often get less sleep
  • You may feel overwhelmed and unable to continue on in this pattern
  • You may wonder if there is something wrong with your baby
  • You may think that your sleep and schedule have taken a turn for the worse
  • You may seek help from professionals or other parents

If you are in the midst of this 4-month milestone, keep in mind that it usually improves in 1-3 weeks. After this time you will likely notice and delight in your child’s new found skills. This is not the time for making big changes in your child’s sleep or feeding routines. Try to have a relaxed attitude and hang in there.


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