• I’m afraid I created bad habits during the 4 month sleep regression.

The 4-month sleep regression is draining. For everyone, including your baby.

It’s not surprising that with all these wonderful new discoveries that you may have felt that you created a few so -called “bad” habits.

During the 4-month sleep regression, you likely experienced increased night wakings and difficulty at naptimes (if your baby would nap at all!), you may have relied on methods that work for now but that you definitely do not want to be using for the next couple of years.

You know what? That’s ok! Just know you can easily change these things as your baby gets older and is more capable of self-soothing.

Don’t worry about creating any “bad” habits at this age. Habits can be changed.

Remember, sleep coaching or behavioral shaping (especially if it involves crying) during 4-5 months could be more challenging because your baby may take up to 6 months to develop the needed skills.

Coaching before your child is ready can take longer, cause more crying and may not have long-term effects. If you can wait to sleep coach your baby until at least 6 months, you are more likely to see long-lasting results, in a shorter period of time with far less crying, if any at all.

It’s best to wait to teach your baby long-term sleep habits and skills until after his brain and central nervous system have matured which usually takes 6 months.

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