• Make sure to have an optimal sleep environment that is consistent during your baby’s entire night stretch…

    • Creating a sleep friendly environment can be very helpful in getting your baby to sleep better. In the early months – babies have the ability to shut out outside stimulation and will fall asleep easily in crowded areas & with loud noise around. As they get older, they often lose this ability & many will sleep better in an area that is quiet & conducive to sleep.
    • First and foremost – make sure you have a safe sleeping environment.
    • Ensure your baby’s room is dark.
    • White noise is very effective at buffering outside noise.
    • Pay attention to how stimulating your infant’s environment is. Many new babies are rooming in with their parents so be sure to have lights off when they are sleeping and try not to have the tv on or running (laptops, ipads, radios, etc.). Some babies are very sensitive to noises and will wake up if parents are talking in the room or if the tv is on. Respect the fact that your baby is trying to sleep & keep the room relaxing & quiet and dark so they can have a peaceful slumber.

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