• Begin to establish regular bedtime routine…

If you have not already begun to do this, now is the perfect time to implement this sleep step. Start to establish a regular and consistent routine for your baby prior to going to bed. This will help set the stage that the day is coming to an end & help prepare your baby for a good night of sleep.

    • Pick a few simple steps & try not to make your routine too long. A bath, massage, & short book or lullabye are three simple steps.
    • All babies will have a feeding before bed so that will always be part of the routine.
    • One large study found that a routine helped babies fall asleep faster and stay asleep longer with or without putting the babies down slightly awake. You will be amazed at how well this one little step will work.
    • Remember the key is to do the same routine in the same order every night prior to bedtime.

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