Dr. Feder, MD: Holistic Healing and Homeopathy for Your Family (Old)

Lauren Feder, M.D. is a nationally recognized physician who specializes in primary care medicine, pediatrics and homeopathy. She is known for her holistically-minded approach, and combining the ‘best of both worlds.’ Dr. Feder is a frequent speaker for both parents and professionals, and has been seen nationally on various health-oriented television and radio programs including The Doctors, Oprah, and Friends interviewed by Dr. Mehmet Oz. Dr. Feder is the president of the Holistic Pediatric Alliance, author of Natural Baby and Childcare and The Parents’ Concise Guide to Childhood Vaccinations, and is in private practice in Los Angeles.

Lauren was raised by her parents Ellie Davis, a devoted stay-at-home mother, and the late Dr. Robert J. Feder, a renowned ear, nose and throat surgeon and voice specialist. During her teen years Dr. Feder underwent two thyroid surgeries and was placed on daily medicine. While doing her residency in Los Angeles a decade later, Lauren consulted with a holistic practitioner and was able to discontinue her thyroid medication altogether. The results astounded her, and led her on a path of discovery in the field of holistic healing and homeopathy for herself and her patients. Lauren is married t Dr. René Haarpaintner, a chiropractor. They have two sons who were born at home with midwives

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