Development Overview

> Month 3 Overview

Cute Little Baby Relaxing After Bath In A Hand Made Cross StitchAt 3 months of age, your baby will begin to enter the world of “Smooth Transitions.”

During this time, he will learn to:

  • Follow something with his eyes with a fluid motion
  • Turn his head with a fluid motion
  • Become more active
  • Roll from tummy to back with assistance
  • Shake things (such as a rattle)
  • Discover his voice (make more and louder noises)
  • Blow bubbles
  • Show interest or amusement

With each leap, your baby may become more clingy or fussy than usual.  This is actually a good thing…it means your baby is growing mentally!

Below are signs that he is going through a developmental leap:

  • He may become more demanding, wanting lots of attention
  • He may become shy with strangers
  • He may become fickle about eating or temporarily lose his appetite
  • He may become clingy
  • His sleep habits may change for the worse
  • He may want to suck his thumb more often
  • He may seem quieter or less lively

What you can do:

Mother and Baby playing togetherHave conversations with your baby. When he makes a sound, repeat it and talk to them about what is going on during the day. Point out certain things as they occur. When going for a walk , point out the sound of the birds singing. Hold a toy within your baby’s reach and see if he can reach out for it. Play fun little games where you lift your baby up and down like an airplane and sing a little song.

These fussy stages can last around from 1 – 2 weeks & varies from baby to baby. Please remember that this is all new and a bit confusing for your baby. He is excited and a bit taken back by his new world and developing skills, and he can’t help feeling clingy and fussy. Try to remain close to your baby and comfort him during these fussy phases. Once your baby learns how to use his new skills, he will become confident again with the world around him, his routines and previous patterns should resume.