Development Overview (Old)

> Month 5 Overview


Little cute newborn baby child first milk or temporary teeth smiIn the fifth month your baby continues to experience physical and neurological growth. You may find that sleep and routines that unravelled around the 4 month milestone are not getting back on track on their own.

Babies begin to understand where objects are in relationship to other objects. He now starts to notice that objects can be under, on, beside or inside another object. Also, new awareness of distance makes the world seem much bigger. He becomes more aware of the distance between him and his Mother or other caregiver; this can spark some separation anxiety.

This month is often calmer than the previous fourth month. Babies are often more curious about exploring the world around them. They may be more independent, seem to entertain themselves more and take pleasure in exploring the world around them.


  • Understands distance and relationships between objects
  • Very interested in the world around him

What most babies can do?mother kiss 3-month old smiling baby girl  on white background

  • Distinguishes between bold colors
  • Plays with his hands and feet
  • grasp a toy
  • Respond to facial expressions and emotions
  • Stand up while holding on to something or being supported.

What some can do/emerging skills?

  • Recognizes own name
  • Turns toward new sounds
  • Begin to Roll over in both Directions
  • Sits momentarily without support
  • Mouths objects
  • Stranger anxiety may begin
  • Babies my protest separations
  • Babies start to learn cause and effect
  • Sit up supported with his own arms

During this month baby is learning to:

  • Notice differences and novelties
  • Pay attention to small objects
  • Manipulate objects to see if anything is under or behind it
  • Make connections between words and actions
  • Pull himself to a standing position
  • Make vowel-consonant sounds such as “baba”