Daytime Napping Strategies

Blue baby room> Month 3 Overview

  • Keep things low key and calm during the day especially if your baby is very fussy.
  • Help your baby rest when she needs to by paying attention to when she is tired and helping her get to sleep during those periods
  • Experiment with putting your baby in cool, quiet, dim place for naps to see if that helps them more for sleep
  • Some babies do better while in the same room with mom with naps. Keep baby close by in bassinet in living area or take baby for morning/afternoon walk in carrier, stroller if sleep proves to be a challenge and see if a change of scenery can help lull them to sleep
  • Observe what keeps your baby calm and what overstimulates them. Too much noise, or too many visitors or running errands can overload your baby’s system. If you notice your baby is becoming restless or inconsolable in the afternoons, evenings or overnight – take a look at what went on that day.